Our Donations

The following organisations have received donations from the PETT scheme:

Copperdale Trust (Update)

Copperdale Trust is a charity which aims are to tackle homelessness and help relieve conditions caused by poverty.

The trust operates a homely, family style 10 bedroom homeless hostel providing safe and secure accommodation with a strong  aftercare structure which helps support young people in their first time tenancies in and around Manchester.

They are hoping to engage some volunteers to assist with the ever mounting number of enquiries received from people looking for assistance with their recovery. This often involves numerous attempts to engage people within their local authority and other statutory agencies utilising online forms and email.

For more information please click here http://unitedestates.org/

Our Donation

Copperdale Trust received an additional donation of 3 desktop computers. The donation will be used by the residents within the family style 10 bedroom hostel so that they can undertake job searches, write CVs, gain IT skills and much more. On receiving the donation Glenn, Ann and Louise emailed to say "We are so pleased to have these three really lovely computers. We will look after them and hope to achieve lots with them. I don't think we have ever had such lovely equipment donated before. Many thanks and good wishes for your on-going work"

Headway East London (Update)

Headway East London is a charity supporting people affected by brain injury. Working across 13 London boroughs they offer specialist support and services for over 200 survivors, family, friends and carers in the local area each week.

They are hoping to engage some volunteers to assist with the ever mounting number of enquiries received from people looking for assistance with their recovery. This often involves numerous attempts to engage people within their local authority and other statutory agencies utilising online forms and email.

Visit Headway East London’s website page for more information

Our Donation

Headway East London received an additional donation of 2 laptops. The donation of the laptops will allow for more mobile support and training to be offered. Gabriel at Headway East London advised that the laptops will be used in a variety of ways including: assisting members with on-line applications, CVs, social media etc, for presentations and training sessions, both at Headway and off-site, for artistic collaborations and much more.

Project 17

Project 17 works to end destitution among migrant children. They work with families experiencing exceptional poverty to improve their access to local authority support.

Project 17 believe that all children have the right to a home and enough to eat, regardless of their parents’ immigration status. To achieve their vision, they provide advice, advocacy and support for individuals.

For more information please click here https://www.project17.org.uk/

Our Donation

Project 17 received a donation of 2 laptops. The donation will be enable the organisation to have more than one volunteer in on one day and provide the office volunteers with a replacement computer, as the previous one has broken.

Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Club

Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Club was set up in 2008 by 3 operational firefighters who wanted to engage with the local community to raise aspirations and give them positive futures.

The club works to promote community participation in healthy recreation, to act as a resource centre and to help develop skills of young people, primarily for the benefit of the inhabitants of Moss Side, Hulme, Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas, by providing facilities and opportunities for amateur boxing and other activities capable of improving physical health.

For more information please click here https://www.mosssidefirebox.com/

Our Donation

Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Club received a donation of 2 desktop computers. The donation will be used to help with the running of the club including: financial management, safeguarding, management of the membership programme, business planning, project planning and funding bid submissions.

Kinder Kids Pre-School

Kinder Kids Pre-School are a Pre-School offering care and education for 3 – 5 year olds, run by voluntary trustees.

Kinder Kids Pre-School is located in Hayfield, High Peak and is registered with Ofsted and the Pre-School Learning Alliance. Their wonderful setting, based at St. Matthews Church, is registered to accommodate 16 children aged 3 to 5 years old.

They offer a ‘play based’ curriculum that supports and develops children’s learning and interests in a happy, safe and stimulating environment.

For more information please click here: http://www.kinderkidspreschool.co.uk/

Our Donation

Kinder Kids Pre-School received a donation of a laptop. The donation will be used to enable the children to improve their computer skills as well as help with their general learning. It will also help staff with their paper work. On receiving the donation Carol from Kinder Kids emailed to say "It is really good and on behalf of Kinder Kids Pre-School I would like to say a big thank you for sorting everything out so quickly. It is much appreciated."

The Grafton Centre

The Grafton Centre in Hyde is a vibrant, lively Health and Wellbeing Community Centre for the people of Tameside ran by the community itself.

The centre offers a wide range of activities each day such as Zumba, Line Dancing, Bingo, Art Workshops, Drama Groups, Indoor Bowling and much more. New groups and classes include Maths & English for children and a Christian meeting group.

For more information please click here http://www.graftoncentrehyde.com/

Our Donation

The Grafton Centre received a donation of a laptop. The donation will be used by volunteers to help with the day to day administration of the centre. Gaynor, The Grafton Centre Manager, was very thankful for the donation saying, "Many of our volunteers help us with admin and the laptop they have been using is very slow and everyone understandably complains, so they will be very happy whey they get to use this one you have donated. Our volunteers are a great asset to us, and we want to look after them as best we can, we could not run the place without them, so your donation will make a difference."

Omnibus Clapham (Update)

Omnibus is a theatre founded in 2013 to address the lack of cultural provision in Clapham. Housed in a converted Victorian library overlooking Clapham Common, London SW4, the building is home to a 110-seat studio theatre, a cafe/bar and two performance and rehearsal spaced which host as diverse and high quality programme of work. Omnibus Theatre is driven by its legacy as a former Victorian library open to all, to share stories, familiar and unknown.

Without guaranteed funding or statutory support, they have presented 900+ exceptional performances & developed large London audiences. They run an accessible Participation programme for 3,000 local young people annually.

For more information please click here http://omnibus-clapham.org/ 

Our Donation

Omnibus Clapham (Omnibus Theatre) received a second donation of a desktop and a printer. The donation with be used to replace an ageing, faulty machine currently used by the administrator. The replacement will help with improving efficiency and productivity.

Ambition Aspire Achieve

AAA is a hands on children’s charity in Newham, East London, delivering successful early intervention programmes which are making a real positive difference to disadvantaged, disabled, vulnerable and at risk individuals in the area.

The founding value of AAA is that all young people, with personal belief, resilience and appropriate skills, can achieve great thing, contributing to and shaping positively the world now and in the future.

For all young people, regardless of their personal disadvantages or needs, AAA aims:

To build their personal confidence and esteem to have AMBITION.

To develop their personal resilience and self belief to ASPIRE.

To teach the skills and knowledge required to ACHIEVE.

For more information please click here https://www.theaaazone.com/

Our Donation

Ambition Aspire Achieve received a donation of 3 computers and a laptop. The donation will be used to both improve the capabilities and effectiveness of AAA's IT support to underpin successful and qualitative work with their core target group – disadvantaged, vulnerable and at risk young people. Whilst also enabling the effective running of AAA into the future.

Darlington Citizens Advice Bureau

Darlington Citizens Advice is an independent local charity, run by local people for the benefit of local people.

Darlington Citizens Advice provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. They value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination.

The ICT suite provides training services to volunteers, and access to IT for other non-profit charity organisations services. The suite is currently being used by a charity to support local people to overcome the complex reasons preventing them from finding work.

For more information please click here http://www.darlingtoncab.co.uk

Our Donation

Darlington Citizens Advice Bureau received a donation of 6 computers. The donated computers will be used to replace the ones in the ICT suite that are not longer up to the task.