Our Donations

The following organisations have received donations from the PETT scheme:

Headway East London

Headway East London is a charity supporting people affected by brain injury. Working across 13 London boroughs they offer specialist support and services for over 200 survivors, family, friends and carers in the local area each week.

They are hoping to engage some volunteers to assist with the ever mounting number of enquiries received from people looking for assistance with their recovery. This often involves numerous attempts to engage people within their local authority and other statutory agencies utilising online forms and email.

Visit Headway East London’s website page for more information

Our Donation

Headway East London received a donation of 3 desktop computers. The donation will be used by the volunteers to assist clients with gaining access to further services and facilities to aid their recovery.

TLC Children’s Trust

TLC Children’s Trust run a registered children’s Home near Siaya in Kenya.

The Home of Peace Children’s Home support vulnerable children and orphans by providing medical care, education, accommodation, food and clothing.

Visit TLC Children’s Trust’s website for more information

Our Donation

T.L.C. Children's Trust received a donation of a laptop. The donation will allow the charity to maintain contact with supporters and the children’s home. It will also help the volunteers to raise funds, maintain the website and keep the accounts.

Omnibus Clapham

Omnibus Clapham provide creative opportunities and improve lives through the power of theatre, music, art and literature.

Omnibus is a theatre venue in London, housed in a converted Victorian Library, and offering a high-quality arts programme with theatre at its heart. Inspired by the building’s literary heritage our in-house productions focus on retelling classic tales with a contemporary twist.

We are committed to discovering new artistic vocabularies and providing vital support for emerging artists to create new work that has life within and beyond the building. We host imaginative and emotionally engaging work from a selection of some of the UK’s most exciting companies and talented artists and run a participatory programme of activities for young people and families.

Visit Omnibus Clapham website for more information

Our Donation

Omnibus Clapham received a donation of two laptops and a desktop. The donation will vastly improve the efficiency of the theatre and enable the staff to provide a higher-level service for their audiences, in turn adding to their experience and ongoing support.


S.A.R.A.I.D is a British charity dedicated to trying to save the lives of innocent victims of disaster, as well as relieving human suffering around the world regardless of colour, creed, religion and political persuasion.

S.A.R.A.I.D specialise in Urban Search & Rescue regardless of location and have a team of dedicated, highly trained volunteers on standby 24/7, every single day of the year. Team members don’t receive a penny from the organisation in the form of wages or expenses, all donations are used to support deployments. It is staffed entirely by volunteers.

S.A.R.A.I.D not only provide a response team once a disaster has happened but are also working with countries to provide advice and training on how to cope in the initial 24 hours of the disaster.

They deploy teams across the world to assist in rescue operations and train local people in immediate rescue techniques. In addition, they have also set up Community Resilience Teams in the UK, who support the Emergency Services and Local Authority in their response to emergencies and major incidents.

Visit S.A.R.A.I.D’s website for more information

Our Donation

S.A.R.A.I.D received a donation of a laptop. The donation will be used to carry out work pre, during and post deployment. It will assist with their planning when helping people both at home and abroad.

Signpost (Colchester) Limited

Signpost (Colchester) Limited is a registered charity that offer a wide range of services for the unemployed.

The organisation is supported by numerous volunteers. The resource centre provides training, education and workshops to help people move into sustainable employment.

Signpost (Colchester) Limited saw an increase in the number of visitors during last year.

Visit Signpost’s website for more information

Our Donation

Signpost (Colchester) Limited received a donation of a laptop and desktop. The donation will be used for employability workshops including CV writing and practicing interview skills. It will also enable volunteers to support jobseekers to search and apply for jobs.

Small Charities Coalition

Small Charities Coalition is a registered charity that supports other smaller charities.

They offer vital support through different stages in the life cycle of small charities and protect their interests at a national level. They help them to access the various tools and skills they need to function and succeed.

Visit the Small Charities Coalition’s website for more information

Our Donation

Small Charities Coalition received a donation of five laptops. The donation will be used by the team and will allow them to work in places that inspire outside the office and enable them to focus on more challenging projects.

The Lyme Trust

The Lyme Trust is a charitable organisation that provide supported accommodation for people with mild to moderate mental health problems.

They provide a safe, stable and comfortable environment for all the service users which offers encouragement and assistance to return to independent living. The residents have access to high levels of support and a good quality of life. Volunteers play a large part within The Trust.

Visit The Lyme Trust’s website for more information

Our Donation

The Lyme Trust received a donation of a desktop. The donation will be used by the residents to access the internet and give them the ability to work on CV’s and develop their IT skills, in turn developing self-motivation and independence in the residents.

Brechin Community Pantry

Brechin Community Pantry is a project set up by a group of volunteers to help their local community.

The provide a wide range of services, such as: counselling, personal and family support and advice, emergency food and children’s clothing. The charity had no technical equipment.

Visit Brechin Community Pantry’s Facebook page for more information

Our Donation

Brechin Community Pantry received a donation of a laptop. The donation will be used as a permanent laptop to provide training in Microsoft Word, application support and a wide range of IT and internet skills including accessing websites and completing online forms.

Bold Rangers JFC

Bold Rangers JFC is a charity the give children a chance to play for a grassroots football club without the high costs associated with it.

The charity is run by volunteers and has over 150 children who come to the club. As well as providing a chance for the children to be part of a team, Bold Rangers JFC fund for kits, jackets and if needed football boots and shin pads.

Visit Bold Rangers JFC website page for more information

Our Donation

Bold Rangers JFC received a donation of a Laptop. With the continuing growth of the charity, the donation will be used to store all the charity files securely. It will also be used for presentations within schools.