Our Donations

The following organisations have received donations from the PETT scheme:

The Childhood Trust

The Childhood Trust is a fundraising and grant making charity. They work with grass roots charities to help alleviate the impact of child poverty in London.

Every child has the right to a safe and happy childhood so The Childhood Trust looks to partner with and fund the very best initiatives and projects. They use their funds to generate and match other donations, primarily through online fundraising campaigns and fundraising partnerships.

Grants are made to proven charities that are working directly with disadvantaged children. The Childhood Trust’s work is themed across three areas; meeting children’s practical needs, supporting children’s emotional needs and inspiring children with new experiences and opportunities.

The Childhood Trust’s support across these themes promotes the development of strong foundations for learning, resilience and aspiration. The impact of grants offered is externally monitored and to date we have helped over 50,000 children through the partnerships with over 150 charities throughout London.

The original donation has been used to help run the charity effectively from a new office base. Due to the organisation’s growth since moving into the new office the second computer will be used to assist in the administration of grants.

For more information please click here http://www.childhoodtrust.org.uk/

Our Donation

The Childhood Trust received an additional PETT donation of a desktop. Since moving into the new office the second computer will be used to assist in the administration of grants.


Deki are a charitable company that offers micro finance loans to entrepreneurs in Africa. They provide those who need it the most, with an opportunity to work their way out of poverty.

Deki connects lenders in the UK with entrepreneurs in Africa through the Deki website. They crowdfund for loans, then keep lenders informed about their entrepreneurs progress. 100% of each loan goes directly to the lender’s chosen entrepreneur. The loan is repaid to the lender within 12-18 months. After this, the lender has the option to take out their money or reinvest in another entrepreneur, meaning that their donation can be recycled over and over. To date we have lent over £1,000,000 and changed 40,491 lives.

Visit the Deki website for more information

Our Donation

Deki received a donation of a desktop. The donation will mean that Deki can do much more crowd funding, get twice as many entrepreneurs on the Deki website and get twice as many letters out to potential donors who will hopefully fund our work. The new laptop will enable them to help significantly more people in Africa, who need it the most.

New Life Church

New Life Church has a huge community reach and offers a wide number of services into the community, many of these are free. These include:

Coffee shop and bookshop, Pre-school nursery, Family Support workers, Professional Counselling & Listening, Clubs for those on the margins, Foodbank, Job Club, Furniture re-cycling, Crisis Pregnancy Advice, Advocacy, Recovery Groups, Children and Young People groups, Schools work (all our local schools) and so on…..

New Life Church touches thousands of peoples’ lives each year through these services. Their community centre base has a footfall of over 100,000 per annum and is used by over 80 local groups, clubs and organisations, it is open from 8am til 11pm most days of the week.

For more information please click here http://www.nlchurch.org.uk/

Our Donation

New Life Church received an additional donation of 4 laptops following the success of a previous donation used by the Job Club. The donated machines will be used within the Job Club which, to-date, has helped 84 people into employment since it started 2 years ago, it runs on Tuesdays. Over 200 people have attend in that time and nearly all have obtained interviews. The donation will assist people in many ways for example, CVs, Job searches and completing online application forms.

The Chatterbox Project

The Chatterbox Project is a charity in Manchester which supports one of the most impoverished communities in the country. For the past fifteen years, they have been providing vulnerable people with vital help in times of need, as well as opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills, and grow in confidence.

At present, they offer a food bank, peer support, informal adult education, recreational classes (art, cooking etc), children’s clubs, a toddler group, volunteering opportunities, and more. Since 2001, they have been based in the same building in the centre of a large council estate, and have come to be regarded as a safe space where anybody is welcome.

Visit The Chatterbox Project website for more information

Our Donation

The Chatterbox Project received an additional donation of two laptops. The additional laptops will also be used within the after-school club therefore ensuring that more children can develop skills via interactive learning and play. Jennifer from The Chatterbox Project told us “The donation has been put to great use (the children love it!)”

Hull Kingston Rovers

Hull Kingston Rovers Community Trust (HKRCT) has a long term vision to inspire people through sport and physical activity. They do this using the power of the Hull Kingston Rovers sporting brand to work with a range of partners to deliver enjoyable and inspirational initiatives to make positive change through sport.

HKRCT recently had a beak in during which all their laptops were stolen and turned to the PETT scheme for help asking if we could provide a laptop. We were happy to be able to provide HKRCT with 5 laptops.

Visit the Hull Kingston Rovers Community Trust website for more information

Our Donation

Hull Kingston Rovers Community Trust received an additional donation of 5 laptops. The laptops will be used by HKRCT staff to assist with the delivery of projects, monitor projects through their online portal and all other aspects of office duties, e.g. producing lesson plans, emails, etc. After receiving the laptops Angie from HKRCT emailed to say, “We would like to thank you once again for the laptops which will be put into use almost immediately.”

Donnington Doorstep

Donnington Doorstep Youth Space helps young people to express themselves, it gives young people a voice, and provides them with extra-curricular education.

Every child that attends their Youth Space has a disadvantage of some kind – whether this is bullying, being a young carer, etc.

The Youth Space allows for young people to do their homework and also offers young people with career-based opportunities. Young people are supported in job searching, writing CVs, writing cover letters and in appling for jobs and apprenticeships.

The Youth Space is open to a broad age range covering young people who want to do their primary homework through to people who want to leave Sixth Form and apply for university.

Visit Donnington Doorstep Family Centre’s website for more information

Our Donation

Donnington Doorstep Family Centre received a donation of a desktop computer. The desktop will be used mainly by one of the youth volunteers in order to assist with administration duties, work on fund raising and making posters for events.

Hospital Radio Harefield

Hospital Radio Harefield was set up in January 1972 to help relieve the sickness of patients at the hospital through the provision of an internal broadcasting service to entertain the patients and staff.

Hospital Radio Harefield also offers training to help people get a prospective of working in the broadcasting industry.

Visit Hospital Radio Harefield’s website for more information

Our Donation

Hospital Radio Harefield received a donation of 3 desktop computers. The donation will be used to replace current equipment with is approx. 8 years old and reaching the end of its usable life. The devices will help in achieving their charitable objectives of both teaching new skills to their volunteers and providing entertainment to the patients and staff of the hospital.

River & Rowing Museum

River & Rowing Museum is a registered educational charity, and was formed in 1990.

The museum opened to the public in 1998 to celebrate the River, the international sport of Rowing and the town of Henley on Thames.

The museum’s mission is to bring the Thames, rowing, history and the arts to life.  The museum welcomes over 114,000 visitors per year, including 20,000 children and adults who enjoy time in the purpose-built learning centre.

Visit River & Rowing Museum’s website for more information

Our Donation

River & Rowing Museum received a donation of a laptop. The donation will be used to aid in the cataloguing of objects, locating where they are stored and assist the researchers who use the museum’s library space and archive store. It will also help work experience students gain knowledge of cataloguing which is often a requirement for entry level jobs in the museum sector.

Aberchirder Playgroup and Toddlers

Aberchirder Playgroup and Toddlers are a small group, in a small rural village in Aberdeenshire. that has been running for several years.

They offer playgroup sessions 3 times a week for up to 10 children and a weekly toddlers group to which they invite all parents with preschool children. They are the only playgroup in the village and offer an invaluable service to the local community.

Our Donation

Aberchirder Playgroup and Toddlers received a donation of a laptop. The donation will be used within the hall and allow staff to carry out their duties in their place of work instead of having to take work home. It will also mean that all resources are always to hand for the staff and volunteers.  The computer will also be used with the children to develop their IT skills.