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PETT (Prism Empowerment Through Technology), a renowned initiative empowering third-sector organisations, is thrilled to announce a significant donation of technology equipment to Senator Obama Primary School in Kogelo, Kenya.

This special donation aims to bridge the digital divide and provide essential resources for the students to participate in online learning sessions.

Senator Barack Obama Primary School joined a special online twinning session for the Wakelet Microsoft 365 Sir David Amess Children’s Parliament along with Tore Eikeland School in Akokoa, Ghana, St. Michael’s in Leigh on Sea, Essex and Saint Pierre School in Leigh on Sea, Essex.

Senator Obama Primary School, located in the ancestral home of President Barack Obama, has been facing challenges due to the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity. As the importance of digital learning continues to grow, PETT recognised the urgency of supporting the school’s students. To ensure their access to educational opportunities, PETT generously provided technology equipment that will facilitate their participation in online Teams sessions and everyday studies.

The children of Senator Obama Primary School have been eagerly seeking knowledge and engagement through online learning platforms. However, due to the unavailability of Wi-Fi at the school premises, they had to travel to a nearby secondary school to access the online sessions. This not only posed logistical challenges but also limited their learning potential.

PETT understands the significance of digital inclusion and the transformative power of technology in education. By providing the necessary equipment, PETT aims to create an environment where the students of Senator Obama Primary School can actively participate in online sessions, interact with their teachers, and unlock their full academic potential.

“We believe in the power of technology to empower and enable educational opportunities for all,” said a spokesperson for PETT. “Our donation to Senator Obama Primary School reflects our commitment to bridging the digital divide and supporting students in their educational journey. We are proud to contribute to their access to online learning resources, helping them thrive and succeed.”

PETT’s dedication to empowering third-sector organisations extends beyond this exceptional donation. The programme continues to provide comprehensive support and innovative giving to numerous non-profit organisations, enabling them to adapt to the challenges of the digital age.