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Giving the gift of water

Whilst this may sound like a strange title this is exactly what PETT did. We may take access to safe, clean water for granted but this is a scarcity in some countries, so how did PETT give the gift of water.

PETT set-up a not-for-profit Tuck Shop, stocked with chocolate, sweets, drinks and snacks. Which proved to be a great hit with all the team, and some visitors also. PETT collaborated with The WELL Foundation whose primary aim is to raise money to install Hand Pumps, Deep Bore wells and establish health & sanitation programmes to provide safe, clean drinking water for all.

Clean, safe drinking water is scarce. Today, nearly 1 billion people in the developing world don’t have access to it. Yet, we take it for granted, we waste it, and we even pay a premium to drink it from little plastic bottles. Water is the foundation of life. And still today, all around the world, far too many people spend their entire day searching for it.

The Tuck-Shop was a great success and the target of raising £300.00 for a hand pump in Sri Lanka was met, thanks to everyone at Prism with a sweet tooth.

The WELL Foundation then set to work finding a suitable location and installing the hand pump in Kakkamunai, in the area called Kinniya, Sri Lanka.

As you can see from the picture below the hand pump is having a great impact for families in the area.