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Giving the gift of water once again

PETT have been helping people all over the world in being able to provide a better quality of life where we can. We were therefore delighted to be able to provide a Well providing clean, disease free water to the people of Layyah in Pakistan.

To many, water is often taken for granted but here in Layyah, that simply is not the case.  Water is scarce, often dirty and hard to source.

The Well,  part funded by tuck shop purchases by employees at the company Prism has already started to make a positive impact on lives of those using it.  PETT are delighted to make a difference to not just those here today, but the next generation to follow.

We will continue to help those most in need, wherever we can but for now the picture below shows just how precious and valuable clean water is to this community in Layyah.